Route Introduction

Tweed Railway is a Microsoft Train Simulator Route based in the late 1940's and includes:

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Tweed Railway - Version 1 Route Statistics:
Route Length: 83 miles (133.5 kms)

Track pieces used: 3197
Track length laid: 83.14 miles (133.80 kms)
Road pieces used: 2734
Road length laid: 236.58 miles (380.74 kms)

Route Tour

If you want to look at some of the features(screenshots) of the line click here

Route Map Preview

If you would like to preview and keep the Route map for Version 1 then you can use Tim Booth's (now upgraded to V0.98) excellent trackviewing tool. This update allows the preview to be loaded and kept permanently installed without causing any MSTS errors.


i) Read the readme file first.

ii) Download Track Viewer (V0.98)

iii) Download the Tweed Railway Route Map Preview.

iv) Install the above components and open Trackview to view route.