A cane train enters the Condong Sugar Mill. The Mill was also supported by an extensive narrow guage rail network.

A cane train from Crabbes Creek runs along the Pacific Highway as it travels on the short extension from Murwillumbah to Condong Sugar processing Mill.

A short rail extension was built from Murwillumbah to the CSR sugar mill at Condong to facilitate the movement of sugar cane from areas along the Murwillumbah branch.

A cane train heads passes the North Coast Diary factory at Murwillumbah as it heads to the Condong sugar mill.

No 18 departs Murwillumbah for Casino.

No 18 passenger train to Casino sits in Murwillumbah ready to depart.

The fruit train passes though Upper Burringbar just south of Burringbar Tunnel.

5353 rolls northward through Burringbar.

Our northbound empty fruit train passes through Mooball

A loaded cane train for Condong Mill waits at Crabbes Creek for a southbound goods to pass.

Our empty fruit express passes through Yelgun.

5353 on empty fruit express runs through Billinudgel.

Empty fruit train draws to a stand in Mullumbimby loop to await a southbound passenger.

5353 approaches Myocum siding.

5353 on empty fruit train runs through sleepy Tyagarah.

5353 heads north through Nashua.

5353 passes through Binna Burra; note the Norco factory hidden in the trees.

5353 heads through Bangalow on the main line.

5353 passing through Telofa.

5353 heads through St. Helena; in a moment the vista over the plains behind Byron Bay will emerge from the trees.

5353 starts the long decent to Byron Bay; the views are extensive from the heights.

As 5353 nears Byron Bay we pass the Norco butter factory.

5353 draws to a stop in the Byron Bay loop to await a southbound passenger heading to Casino.

As our empty fruit train resumes its northbound run, we pass the 'new' wharf at Byron Bay; note the coaster tied up beside the wharf.

Sugar Cane was extensively grown on the North Coast of Nsw. Cane fields were established at Crabbes Creek in 1921. Sugar from these fields was railed to the Condong Sugar Mill north of Murwillumbah.

To transport the cane to the nearest NSWGR at Crabbes Creek a 2' gauge railway was constructed. A Fowler diesel engine is seen hard at work hauling a loaded cane train back to the Crabbes Creek yard on the Murwillumbah branch for transhipment and transport to the Condong Mill.

On a beautiful spring morning in 1930 the first official train to Ballina, led by a 20 Class tank prepares to leave Lismore Station. All the local dignitories including the mayors of Lismore, Casino, Murwillumbah, Ballina and Coraki are aboard and awaiting departure.

The train has left Lismore Station on time at 9am is crossing the Truss Bridge on the Leycester River. The Murwillumbah branch crosses many rivers on its journey north to Murwillumbah. The Leycester River Bridge is one of the more substantial structure and has three spans.

The Driver and Fireman have the 20 class steaming well as it comes off the Leycester River Bridge and expect to arrive on time in Ballina at 10:20am.

The train has just passed through the small station of North Lismore and will shortly passing the Woodlawn College.

Passing the Woodlawn College Station. A small platform was installed for the benefit of students attending the Woodlawn College, which can be seen in the trees over the top of the platform behind the train.

Just west of Bexhill are the sidings that serve the Bexhill Brickworks and Quarry. Looks like a load of bricks is ready for picking up by the next passing pick up train.

The distant signal at Bexhill indicates that all is clear and that the train will have a clear run through the Bexhill Station.

The Driver has a clear view as the train approaches Eltham Station and the Truss Bridge beyond. The road crossing ahead was protected by Wig Wag signals. This is unusual for the country.

North of Laureldale, the train crosses one of the many wooden underbridges. These bridges were a maintenance nightmare in later years and probably contributed to the decision to finally close the line.

The train has just exitted the Booyong Tunnel and the Driver as he looks back along the train is able to breathe fresh air again.

The train has reached Booyong Junction, where the Ballina Branch left the Murwillumbah line. The Ballina branch curves to the right and will reach Ballina in approximately 12 miles.

1307 with the morning passenger to Lismore, a sole CCA car, comes off the Ballina branch at Booyong Junction and re-joins the main branch line between Murwillumbah and Casino.

2408 on the daily goods has finished its shunting and emptied Ballina yard, ready to run back to Lismore, where the wagons will be re-marshalled into other goods trains to Murwillumbah and Casino.

3122 arrives at Lismore from Murwillumbah with a mixed train. The train picks up and sets down along the way - by the time it terminates at Casino it will have collected several more wagons.

3280 on a mixed goods leaves Lismore on its way to Murwillumbah. The train will stop and shunt all rural sidings along the way, dropping off empty milk wagons at various locations - local passengers are catered for by a CX composite 'dogbox' attached just in front of the goods brake van.

3526 brings the Down No3 Brisbane Express into Casino platform. A TAM sleeping car will be cut off here, and three other cars, a BS, FS and MHO will be uncoupled and added to No17 Murwillumbah Passenger, departing a short while later.

3642 on the Up No2 Brisbane Limited Express slows through the north part of Casino, past Casino Loco, with its distinctive Holman 'tower' coaler, ready for its stop at Casino platform. The train will gain another TAM sleeping car at Casino before continuing south.

5353 on a Fruit Express from Murwillumbah passes through Booyong on its way south. At Casino the train will be combined with another from South Brisbane and the double-headed train will set off on its speedy trip to Broadmeadow.